The Estates of Bramalea Woods

Where: Streets starting with an “H” in the L-Section

When: built circa 1967-1970

Who: Builder unknown (possibly Campbell Construction), The Chatelaine Design Home, and other custom plans: Bramalea Construction (Peel) Limited

What I know: Thanks to the insights from a reader, I now know that Bramalea Woods was originally built as the H-Section (thus the street names beginning with an “H”). The surrounding area later built as the L-Section was originally planned as a golf course. In the early 1970s the innovative zero lot-line houses built east of Dixie Road became the H-Section.

I only have 4 plans, but there are others in the area that I am missing. There are also custom-designed houses in the area.


Toronto Star, October 21, 1967

It is interesting to note that the top right house shown at the bottom of this ad is the 1964 Chatelaine Design Home, which was built in the Crescent Hill area on the other side of Dixie Road. At the time, though, they would have been the only other houses in this part of Bramalea. The 1965 Chatelaine Design Home, however, was built in Bramalea Woods, and is shown at the bottom of this post. 021

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68feb24Toronto Star, February 24, 1968 – this ad is for all of Bramalea, but the houses shown are in Bramalea Woods.


Toronto Star, September 4, 1965

The 1965 Chatelaine Design Home was built at the end of Heather Place in Bramalea Woods. It was only one of two built that year – the other in Ste-Therese, a suburb of Montreal. Below is an article from the August 1965 issue of Canadian Builder.

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5 thoughts on “The Estates of Bramalea Woods

  1. The Thicke family lived in Bramalea Woods. Alan Thicke is the most well known but I went to high school with Todd Thicke. I sometimes see Todd’s name as producer on some sitcoms.

  2. the L section was built on to the edge of the H section about 10 years after the H section homes were built. i remember hearing a story that Crescent Hill was originally going to be called Hill Crescent but someone figured switching it around would be a bit classier. nowadays, it’s called Crescent Hill Drive – which kind of takes away from it a little bit.

    • Thanks Jim! I have tracked down some of the old advertisements for the 1964 Chatelaine Design Home built on [what it today called] Crescent Hill Drive, and the street was called Harlowe Hill Crescent. I always wondered why they changed the name…especially as a street starting with an ‘H’ would make sense in what became the H-Section. I will create a future post on the 1964 Chatelaine Design Home…with the floor plan. Stay tuned!

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