Kings Row in Bramalea Estates

When: Built circa 1978-1980

Where: Lascelles Boulevard, Leander Street (North of Lascelles Boulevard)

Who: Built by Bramalea Limited

What I know:  Begun in the 1970s, the area called Bramalea Estates is unique in that it includes parts of both the L-Section and the M-Section (including the portion that pops into the H-Section). Variations of these plans appear to also have been built in the J-Section.

I apologize that some parts of the plans are cut off, but these are the only versions of the plans that I have.


Toronto Star, January 20, 197979jan27

Toronto Star, January 27, 1979 79sept8

Toronto Star, September 8, 1979


Toronto Star, February 16, 1980

001 002


This design is an updated and expanded version of the Greenhouse plan built in the earlier Bramalea Estates in the M-Section.005

This plan is very similar to other designs Bramalea Limited built around the same time, including the Chianti model at the Connoisseur Collection also in the L-Section.004

This is one of the few overtly contemporary/modern style houses in Bramalea. It has a very interesting open-concept layout – with 2 staircases  – which is depicted in the second ad at the top of this post.

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