Welcome to the Bramalea Blog!


The purpose of this blog is to preserve and share the history of housing design and the built landscape in Bramalea, Ontario (now a part of Brampton). Designed as Canada’s first suburban satellite city, Bramalea is home to many interesting and innovate house  and community designs. As part of the research for my master’s degree thesis I was able to compile the floor plans for approximately 75% of the houses in the area originally planned as Bramalea.

I have decided to use this blog to post my archives of house plans, historic marketing material and maps of Bramalea as a way of sharing this history for the enjoyment of residents, former residents (like me!), and anyone interested in suburban housing and community design.

This is intended as a space for the people of Bramalea past and present to celebrate the built landscape of the community and interact with it. There are also points where I will ask for help from my readers to clarify some questions I may have, and as a call for any missing plans that would love to add to my archive!

Please enjoy viewing these documents, and feel free to comment and/or share stories: perhaps these images have taken you down memory lane…or maybe you see your house here.

Check back regularly, as I will continue to add more neighbourhoods. This is an ongoing project to help preserve the history and memories of Bramalea and to tell the story of this unique community.

I  want to take a moment to thank the Realtors of Brampton/Bramalea who helped me to compile these plans many years ago. My Master’s thesis and this website would not be possible without your help.

Welcome to the Bramalea Blog!



4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Bramalea Blog!

  1. Very interesting, seeing the house design we lived in on Ann Crt and do you have a design for house on Banbury Crt. Amazing to see how much Bramalea and will always be Bramalea to me has grown.

  2. This is a great idea! luv it! we moved in on Fallingdale Cres summer of ’69 just before the moon landing,I was maybe 4 years old,just can’t get over how much things have changed and grown,checked out current pictures of the house and the memories that I can recall…thanx

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