When: Built circa 1964-1965.

Where: Northeast of Balmoral Drive and Dixie Road.

Who: Built by Bramalea Construction (Peel) Limited

What I Know: The floor plans for the houses in the B-Section south of Balmoral Drive were different and distinguished by numbers, whereas in this phase the plans were all given fantastic names (what is a Lyric Holiday?).

I apologize for the quality of some of these plans, but they are the only copies I have.


Toronto Daily Star, September 12, 196465feb13

Toronto Daily Star, February 13, 1965.

31 model homes!! I remember when 26 model homes at Springdale in the 1990s was a big deal! The other neighbourhoods, the “Twin Homes” and “Bramalea on the Park” are in the C-Section, and “Bramalea Woods”  is in the L-Section.65mar13

Toronto Daily Star, March 13, 196565may8

Toronto Daily Star, May 8, 1965

image_123986672 (1)



A very special thank you to Jeryl for sending me these colour versions of the plans to post!

image_123986672image_123986672 (5)image_123986672 (4)image_123986672 (3)image_123986672 (2)

These are the photocopied version of the plans that I have on file:

003 004 005 006
0031 0041 0051 0052 0061

The next few plans are sadly cut off. Fortunately, I have articles/larger versions of two of them!0062 0063 0072

An article and blueprint from Canadian Builder, April 1964:a b c d e


Also from Canadian Builder April 1964:f g

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