Southgate Village

When: Built circa 1965-1967.

Where: Various parts of the D-Section.

Who: Built by Bramalea Construction (Peel) Limited

What I Know: Some of the plans are carry-overs from earlier parts of Bramalea, such as the Journey’s End and Country Regent, also built in the B-Section.

Some of the semi-detached plans from Twingate in the C-Section were also built in this area. In particular the: Vanity Flair, Autumn Grove, Galleon Beau, Galleon Belle, King’s Mill and Rainbows End. ( In particular these houses were built on: Danesbury Crescent, Doncaster Crescent, Dartford Road, Dorchester Drive (North End), Dalton Place, Dalraith Crescent, Darlington Crescent, Dunwich Place, and Dorset Drive (south end). *A special thanks to blog reader Graham for all of this information!*

Other parts of the D-Section were built under the Ontario Government’s H.O.M.E. (Home Ownership Made Easy) Plan.

I apologize for the quality of some of these plans, but they are the only copies I have.


Toronto Daily Star, December 31, 196566jun3

Toronto Daily Star, June 3, 1966

Free helicopter rides! Wow! Peel Village also offered helicopter rides in 1961 to view that development.66jun4

Toronto Daily Star, June 4, 1966 67apr29

Toronto Daily Star, April 29, 1967 67sept16

Toronto Daily Star, September 16, 196767sept16crop

Zoomed in section of the above advertisement. Two innovative marketing aspects of the area!70aug28

Toronto Daily Star, August 28, 1970.

I want that model! I wonder if it still exists somewhere?


The bottom price sheet is from 1967.b c d e f g h

I wonder why this plan had an electric furnace?i j k l m n o p q r

1597 square feetr1 s t u v

1944 square feet



2078 square feet

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