Bramalea Estates – Bramalea Limited

When: Built circa 1977-1979

Where: Mansfield Street (parts), Madelaine Crescent, Melbourne Place, Millford Crescent, Mansion Street (parts), Marmora Place, Markham Street (parts), Montcalm Place, Massey Street (parts).

Who: Bramalea Limited

What I know: The “Bramalea Estates Semis” were built west of Dixie Road in the L-Section.

Similar plans (perhaps even the exact same) were also built by Bramalea Limited in the Amberlea area of Pickering.

I am missing a plan which has an obtuse angled facade. A similar plan was also built in the L-Section (which I am also missing), but without the room over the garage.


Toronto Star, June 4, 197777oct8

Toronto Star, October 8, 1977 77sept 24

Toronto Star, September 24, 1977

Toronto Star, April 15, 1978 79jan6

Toronto Star, January 6, 1979

018 (2)

The Burnham019 018 016 015 014

020 021

4 thoughts on “Bramalea Estates – Bramalea Limited

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  4. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for the floor plan of my house. It happens to be one with the “obtuse” angle. I had never seen a house like it before I started looking in the area, and when we found one available I just had to have it.

    You’re blog is incredible, and Bramalea has so much interesting history in it’s planning. If I ever find a floor plan for house I will make sure to send it your way.

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