Bramalea Estates – Nu-West

When: Built circa 1978

Where: Maidstone Cresent (parts), Mansfield Street (parts), and Melita Place.

Who: Nu-West

What I know:  The large area marketed as Bramalea Estates includes parts of the L-Section and the M-Section (including the small portion that pops into the H-Section). Various other builders also built in the same area including Bramalea Limited and the Georgian Group.

78oct7Toronto Star, October 7, 1978

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5 thoughts on “Bramalea Estates – Nu-West

  1. I grew up in Bramalea and love your blog to bits! I was wondering about the other half of Maidstone Crescent. Were those houses also built by Nu-West? Do you have floor plans for them?

    • Good question!

      As for the other houses on Maidstone Crescent, they appear to be built by a company called Poplar Developments. I have one advertisement from the Toronto Star for that development, but sadly I do not have the plans. I am always on the hunt for the plans I am missing, and I will post them if I ever get a hold of them. If anyone has them…please let me know!!

      • Thanks for the answer! There’s a stamp on some beams in our basement labelled Poplar so that makes sense.

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