The Strand by the Lake and The Strand by the Park

When: Built in the J-Section circa 1981-1982, and in the N-Section circa 1982-1983

Where: Jaffa Drive, Judo Court, Neptune Court, Noontide Court.

Who: Bramalea Limited

What I know: The Strand series of plans were built in two areas of Bramalea, the J-Section first (The Strand by the Lake) and then the N-Section (The Strand by the Park). As the titles of each area make clear, one area is by a lake (Professor’s Lake), while the other is by a park (Northhampton Park).

The plans are based on best-selling designs from other Bramalea neighbourhoods.

Marketing for The Strand by the Lake:


Toronto Star, November 7, 1981 81oct17

Toronto Star, October 17, 1981


Toronto Star, December 19, 1981


Toronto Star, January 16, 1982


Toronto Star, April 2, 198282apr3

Toronto Star, April 3, 1982


Toronto Star, May 22, 1982

Marketing for The Strand by the Park:


Toronto Star, October 16, 1982 82nov13

Toronto Star, November 13, 1982

The same plans were built in both areas, but here is the marketing/plan package for the Strand by the Lake:


005 006 007 008 009


The site plan for The Strand by the Park:

001 (2)



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