Concept 3/Folkstone Terrace

This post has been updated: additional images have been added at the end of the posting!

When: Built circa 1971-1974

Where: Northeast corner of Clark Boulevard and Folkstone Crescent (804 Clark Boulevard).

Who: Bramalea Consolidated Developments Limited

What I know: This is one of the first examples of the innovative concept of deck housing in Canada. The project was also referred to as the “streets in the sky” project.

The original marketing and information for this project offered these units for sale, yet later marketing has them for rent…which is what they exists as today. I am not sure why the tenure of this project changed. If anyone knows anything more about the history of these buildings, please let me know!

There have been various changes in the name of the project over time including Concept 3, Folkstone Terrace, Village on the Park – and today the complex is called Clark Townhomes.


Toronto Daily Star, March 8, 1969


Toronto Star, December 4, 1971


Toronto Star, January 15, 197273aug25

Toronto Star, August 25, 1973

Toronto Star, October 27, 1973

Article from The Canadian Architect magazine, February 1973:

001 002 003 004

One of the most interesting views of the complex is from above, which shows the spiraling arrangement of the buildings around an inner courtyard!

Below are photos I took back in 2005. The old signs/site plans were still in place with Bramalea Limited’s logo.

bramalea 022 crop bramalea 024 bramalea 025 bramalea 026 bramalea 027


I found the following images in a book on projects designed by Jerome Markson. The image below looks like an early version of what was planned for the site:


I suspect the project below was proposed for the land where Festoon Place and Fair Isle Court were eventually built:


And the project as actually built:

c d e f g

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