Showcase 2000

When: built circa 1982.

Where: Phase 1 – Floribunda Crescent, Terese Road. Phase 2 – Marengo Court, Morado Court, Myna Court.

Who: Bramalea Limited.

What I Know: The same plans were built in two phases, but the Thompson plan less so in the M-Section – it has a longer footprint, more suitable for the deeps lots in the first phase.

Phase 1 is located in a part of Bramalea that does not have a letter section; the streets all begin with different letters. It is located west of the B-Section, south of Clark Boulevard, east of Carleton Park, and north of the old Nortel Campus (now Rogers). Phase 2 was built in the M-Section.

With the exception of the Harris and Varley plans, the houses were designed independent of the the garage, which is an appendage on the front of the house. In contrast, the garage is integral in the layout of the aforementioned designs.

I am not entirely certain what “Showcase 2000” was referring to – and the plans named after artists associated with the Group of Seven further complicates matters (as an aside, the McDonald plan should be the MacDonald plan, after J. MacDonald…but that is just the art historian in me being picky). Nonetheless, they are interesting designs. Sadly Bramalea Limited went bankrupt before the year 2000…

82apr2Toronto Star, April 2, 1982


Toronto Star, November 13, 1982


Toronto Star, December 11, 1982 82dec18

Toronto Star, December 18, 1982

a b c

This plan must have been popular as there are 4 elevation options.e f g h i j k l m n

001 002 019 020 021

003 018

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