Bramalea Townhouses

When: built circa 1970-1972.

Where: Craigleigh Boulevard, Dearbourne Crescent, Dearbourne Boulevard (parts), Fleetwood Crescent.

Who: Bramalea Consolidated Developments Limited.

What I Know: These townhouses were built in 3 separate complexes: Clark Square in the C-Section, Dearbourne Court in the D-Section, and Bramalea Park in the F-Section. The complex in the F-Section was later marketed as the California Townhouses – although the floor plans appear to be the same (although with new names). It is the only complex of the 3 with a swimming pool.


Toronto Daily Star, April 14, 1969


Toronto Daily Star, June 27, 1970


Toronto Daily Star, August 8, 1970


Toronto Daily Star, September 19, 1970.

These 1,000 townhouses being built  around this time included the 3 Bramalea Consolidated Development areas shown here, but also includes the Gates of Bramalea  in the F-Section and Darras Court in the D-Section, both by other builders.


Toronto Daily Star, October 10, 1970


Toronto Daily Star, December 5, 1970


Toronto Daily Star, January 30, 1971


Toronto Daily Star, May 29, 1971


Toronto Daily Star, June 19, 1971


Toronto Daily Star, January 15, 1972

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