Place des Artistes

When: built circa 1971-1972.

Where: Glenora Crescent, Goldcrest Road (parts), Glebe Crescent (parts), a few houses on Geneva Crescent.

Who: Bramalea Consolidated Developments Limited.

What I Know: The designs in this area were advertised as being “a new collection” yet many of the plans were based on earlier designs. The National in particular is almost identical to the Journey’s End first built in the early 1960s. The design must have been a best seller over the years as it was the most repeated plan (under various names) in Bramalea for about a decade.

The designs were, however, “new” in the treatment of the facades as they were a fresh, and decidedly 1970s take on suburban architecture. The Prado plan has a striking contemporary roofline – a hint of the contemporary designs to be built later in the 1970s:

This community marks a turning point in Bramalea housing of the time. It is one of the last few developments where the majority of houses were bungalows and split-level plans – with only 1 two-story plan in the collection. By the mid- to late-1970s, two storey plans were the most common types of houses being built.

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Toronto Star, December 3, 197171oct29 globe

The Globe and Mail, October 29, 1971


Toronto Star, January 8, 1972


Toronto Star, April 22, 1972


Toronto Star, May 13, 1972

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