Sunrise Estates

When: Built circa 1979-1980

Where: Markham Street (parts), Mikado Crescent, McGillivary Crescent, Meridian Road, Mackay Street South (parts).

Who: Bramalea Limited/Bramalea Homes

What I know: An interesting aspect about this community is that there are different lot widths intermixed throughout – including some with single-car garages (36 feet wide) and others wide enough for a two-car garage (45 and 50′ feet wide).

A subsequent phase was added west of Dixie Road called Sunrise Estates West. I am actually not certain where this area is located, but it appears as though Ladin Drive and Lupin Court have the 36 foot lot models from this collection (Grenada, Martinique and Barbados). If anyone knows, please let me know!

In the N-Section the Sterling Ridge community built in 1980-1981 has 3 designs based on those at this community. (see:

The Grenada and Barbados raised bungalow plans must have proved to be popular as similar designs were built throughout Bramalea for over a decade.


Toronto Star, March 3, 197979apr28

Toronto Star, April 28, 1979 79jul7

Toronto Star, July 7, 1979

Toronto Star, July 21, 1979


Toronto Star, January 29, 1980


Toronto Star, February 16, 198080feb23

Toronto Star, February 23, 1980

W1 W1P W2A W2P W3 W3P W4 W4P W5 W5P W6 W6P W8 W8P W9


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