Sterling Ridge

When: Built circa 1980-1981

Who: Bramalea Limited/Bramalea Homes

Where: Nantucket Crescent, Newcastle Crescent, Normandy Place, Northampton Street, some houses on the north side of Mansion Street.

What I know: Many of the designs in this collection are based on previous plans – particularly in Sunrise Estates and Bramalea Estates in the M-Section. The plans for the Connoisseur Collection in the L-Section are also close relatives to those in this neighbourhood.

The large studio over the garage can be found on a series of designs in the J, L, M and N-Sections built in the 1980s.

It is interesting to see the escalating interest rates and prices of the homes in the advertising for this neighborhood over the period of 2 years.

A handful of houses from this area were built across Dixie Road on the north side of Mansion Street. In the middle are 5 houses from the 1970s community Bramalea Estates. I believe that the 5 houses were the model homes for Bramalea Estates and the Sterling Ridge houses were in-fills built after that community was completed.


Toronto Star, May 24, 1980


Toronto Star, June 7, 1980


Toronto Star, September 6, 1980


Toronto Star, January 10, 1981


Toronto Star, February 7, 1981


Toronto Star, April 11, 1981


Toronto Star, May 9, 1981


Toronto Star, September 26, 1981


Toronto Star, November 2, 1981

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