Finchgate Estates

When: Built circa 1982

Who: Bramalea Limited

Where: Finchgate Boulevard (parts), Festoon Place, Fair Isle Court, Folkstone Crescent (parts).

What I know: This in-fill neighbourhood was built on land set aside for both medium density multiple housing and a commercial plaza at the corner of Finchgate and Clark (according to the 1969 Master Plan). A future phase of Concept 3 (see: was most-likely planned for the part of the site dedicated to multiple housing.

These houses have well-planned and compact layouts – made even more affordable due to the fact that most have square (or almost square) footprints – not including the garage. The basement plans for the designs show the square nature of the houses. The small size of the houses, narrow lot widths, single-car garages, and a lack of an ensuite bathroom off of the master bedroom also helped keep costs down.

Quite a few of the houses have very large backyards. This space has been capitalized on as additions have been built on to the back of a number of the houses. This shows that numerous homeowners have chosen to stay in place rather than move to a larger house.

Also in 1982, Bramalea Limited built the Heritage Series Phase Two in the N-Section (Norma Crescent) with plans that are almost the same as these, only on wider lot widths, and some have 2-car garages.

82may22Toronto Star, May 22, 1982

It is interesting that this advertisement states that there were only 37 houses available…even though twice as many were built. There must have been more than one phase released for sale.

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