Bellair on the Park

When: Built circa 1987-1991

Who: Bramalea Limited

Where: 22 and 24 Hanover Road

What I know: According to the 1969 Master Plan for Bramalea this land had long been set aside for high density housing. This complex of two towers is one of many gated communities with extensive recreational grounds built in Bramalea in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Bramalea Limited repeated this model for condominium “towers in a park” across the Greater Toronto Area, and even in Ottawa.

To the immediate west of these towers is the Sierra tower, which was built first and is not a part of the same complex. The two gated rental towers to the east also have a similar facade making the entire composition as viewed from Queen Street appear as one larger complex.

Only two units per floor have an open balcony, as most have an enclosed sun room.

The H-Section is very interesting in that many of the condominium units in the towers (coined condomansions) and the townhouses in the two Carriage Walk enclaves are actually larger than the detached zero lot-line houses. Each represents a specific moment in time and a particular target demographic.


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