The Connoisseur Collection

When: Built circa 1981-1983.

Where: Langley Place, Linden Cresent (parts), Lindhurst Street, Lillington Street (parts), Lambeth Street (parts).

Who: Built by Bramalea Limited. Some houses built by Sena Brothers.

What I know: Most designs were offered in versions which would fit on 50, 60 and 75-foot wide lots. With wider lots, the garage is moved to the side.

The Anjou plan has a large studio over the garage which is also a feature of plans in Sterling Ridge  in the M-Section (built earlier), and The Strand collection built in the J- and N-Section around the same time.

At the bottom of the post are the plans built by Sena Brothers scattered throughout the development.


Toronto Star, August 8, 198182feb13

Toronto Star, February 13, 198282mar20

Toronto Star, March 20, 198282sept4

Toronto Star, September 4, 1982 82sept25

Toronto Star, September 25, 1982

016 0162

017 0172

018 0182

019 0192

020 0202The Anjou is essentially the same design as the Chianti, only with the addition of a Master Retreat over the garage.

*  *  *

Sprinkled throughout the Connoisseur Collection are a handful of houses built by Sena Brothers Carpentry Inc.:

10 11 12 13 14 15

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