King’s Row Limited Edition

When: Built circa 1981-1982.

Where: Located on the outer ring of Lacewood Crescent.

Who: Built by Bramalea Limited

What I know: King’s Row Limited Edition houses were built on 36-foot wide lots. The semi-detached houses on the street (and in most of Bramalea) have lot widths as wide as these detached houses.

This development and the Heritage Series in the N-Section are some of the first instances in Bramalea where larger houses with luxurious features were built on narrow lot widths. All but one of these plans have a double-car garage, two plans have circular staircases, and all designs have a main floor family room and an ensuite bathroom off of the master bedroom.

As the advertisements show, the prices of the houses actually dropped in the second year that the houses were sold.


Toronto Star, October 17, 1981 (my first birthday!). Notice the mortgage rate!


Toronto Star, May 15, 1982.

82may15 a

Detail of the above advertisement.82nov6

Toronto Star, November 6, 1982.



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