The Village(s) in Bramalea

When: Built circa 1975-1976

Where: 900 and 1020 Central Park Drive. Similar plans on Morley Crescent (houses facing Mackay Street N).

Who: Built by Bramalea Consolidated Developments Limited

What I know: The Village in Bramalea was built in two phases in the G-Section. In 1977 The Village Three was begun in the M-Section which appears to have the same plans along Mackay Street N, with houses with garages on Morley Crescent. The houses in the Cedar Glen complexes (McMullen Crescent and Guildford Crescent) also appear to have similar plans on the outer edges of the areas, but with different facades.

Often called “garden homes” these houses without garages are interspersed throughout common green spaces with parking lots clustered in certain areas. In The Village Three, the fronts of the houses face the arterial road and the parking is behind the backyards. 

The rows are made aesthetically interesting with the various different styles of each house.

Each complex has an outdoor pool and children’s play area. Nearly all of the condominium townhouse complexes built around this time in Bramalea have an outdoor pool.


Toronto Star, November 1, 1975. 


Toronto Star, December 6, 197675dec13

Toronto Star, December13, 1975


Toronto Star, January 3, 1976


Toronto Star, February 7, 1976

77jn4 M

Toronto Star, June 4, 1977 (M-Section)


Toronto Star, September 3, 1977 (M-Section)


Toronto Star, September 24, 1977 (M-Section)


Toronto Star, October 29, 1977 (M-Section)

001 002 003 0041020 Central Park Drive site plan.

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