The L-Section


Community Spotlight: the L-Section

Over time I will be creating a separate post for each of the 14 letter sections in Bramalea (which go from A to P, with the exception of I and O). These posts will focus on each area as a whole and the particularities of the neighbourhood. I will draw upon historic documents and the master plans created for Bramalea – and how what was constructed differs from these original plans.

As with all parts of Bramalea, the L-Section has an extensive greenbelt system, but is unique in that it has two lakes: Parr Lake North and Parr Lake South.

According to the 1958 Master Plan, the area would have been split into the U-Section and parts of V and W sections.


1958 Master Plan

By 1962, documents for Bramalea show the area north of Bramalea Woods was to be developed as a golf course (including the present day N-Section), but by 1969 the area was earmarked for housing.


Toronto Daily Star, June 2, 1962

The L-Section is one of two sections (with the N-Section) which are next to Highway 410. The 1969 master plan shows the proposed highway in place, and early marketing documents refer to it as the planned “Bramalea Highway”. 

Below is a portion of the map from the 1969 Master Plan showing the L-Section.

legend L-Section

Here is a zoomed in and darker section of the area showing Bramalea Woods. At the time, it was the only pocket that was complete. Most of the A to G sections and parts of the J-Section were developed, or undergoing development when this master plan was produced. Thanks to the insights from a reader, the Bramalea Woods pocket was originally the H-Section, thus the street names starting with the letter “H” in the area.

l map crop

Much of the Master Plan for the L-Section was not actually followed, including the locations of schools, with only 1 of the 5 proposed schools actually built. Three places of worship were built, which was more than the 2 planned. While 1 was indicated on the map, 2 neighborhood shopping centres (strip malls) were actually built.

A large swath of land at the corner of Dixie Road and Queen Street was set out to be high-density housing, and abutted by an area for medium-density housing. Instead, this land became the site of the Bramalea Baptist Church and single-family housing. Instead, the land on either side of Queen Street and Laurelcrest Road became sites for higher density housing with two condo towers and an enclave of townhouses. For many years these were the only high-density housing pockets in the area – although townhouses were recently built on Vodden Street at Parr Lake South, and a new multi-family development is being developed at Howden Boulevard and Dixie Road (on land originally set aside for a place of worship).

In 1975, the CNE lottery house was built in the L-Section on Locksley Place:

75aug29Toronto Star, August 29, 1975

Below is a map showing the various development in the L-Section. My map is incomplete as I am missing the names of the following developments:

– Laura Drive and Lime Ridge Drive

– Ladin Drive and Lupin Court (my theory is that it is Sunrise Estates West, but I am unsure)

– Townhouses on Vodden Street at Parr Lake South

l-section map final

As with all areas, over time I will be publishing the plans and marketing material for the various areas in the L-Section, but I am missing a few key plans, which I would love to get copies of and post them on this blog. So, if you have them, please let me know! (

Missing L-Section plans:

– Moore Park (Bramalea Limited)

– Whitehall at Bramalea – I grew up on Longbourne Crescent, so I am desperate to have these plans!

 Bramalea Estates Semis (Bramalea Limited) 

– Bramalea Woods South (Wycliffe)

– Eastcrest homes on Leander Street

– Laura Drive and Lime Ridge Drive

– Ladin Drive and Lupin Court (Bramalea Limited)

– Lakeride Drive and Lehar Court (Fram Building Group?)

– The 30′ lot houses by Broles on Leeward Drive

– Courtyards of Bramalea Woods

– Townhouses on Vodden Street at Parr Lake South

A Special thank you to my readers for sending me some of the plans I am missing!

From Moore Park:

moore pk moore pk planFrom the Laura Court and Lime Ridge Drive area. For some reason the plan will only upload sideways…

lime ridge and laura 2

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