Super Singles Sale

When: Built circa 1979

Where: Mayfair Crescent, Majestic Crescent, Maitland Street (parts)

Who: Built by Bramalea Homes

What I know: Many of the same plans (plus some new additions) were also built in the Professor’s Lake South area in the J-Section.

The Devonshire raised bungalow design is the narrowest detached bungalow design in Bramalea (and can fit on a 30 foot wide lot). A semi-detached version of this plan was built in Bramalea Estates Semis in the L-Section and Kimber Park in the J-Section.

The lot widths in this area range from an average of 30 feet up to 36 feet (plus a few a bit wider).

It is interesting to compare these plans to those in the Great Canadian Home Sale  ( built a year later also in the M-Section. Those houses are narrower, but all have an ensuite bathroom, and all but one have a walk-in-closet in the master bedroom. Only two of the six designs in the Super Singles Sale have a two-piece ensuite and none have a walk-in-closet.

The architecture of the houses is very much a reflection of the particular moment in time in which they were built. Each design has one exterior elevation (facade) option which is more traditional, and one more contemporary. During the 1970s contemporary-style houses were built in certain Bramalea areas, whereas by the 1980s by far the majority of houses were more traditionally-styled.


 Toronto Star, January 27, 1979


This page states that there are only 54 homes, but there are twice as many…so either this was for the first phase or after the first phase was sold out.018 019 020 021 022 023

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