Deerchase and The Masters Series in Deerchase

When: Deerchase – built circa 1982-1984, Masters Series – built circa 1984-1988, Sena Brothers houses – built circa 1985.

Where: Deerchase – Northumberland Place, Nottingham Crescent, Newport Street (parts). Masters Series – Newbury Crescent, Neville Crescent, Nevada Court, Newport Street (parts), Nasmith Street (parts).

Who: Built by Bramalea Limited and some houses built by Sena Brothers.

What I know: According to a 1984 Globe and Mail article, Deerchase did not sell quickly due to the high prices of the houses. The large houses on 50-foot wide lots were much higher priced compare to other developments in area. As such, the community was re-launched in the summer of 1984 as The Masters Series in Deerchase. The lot sizes in the new phases are narrower at 45-feet wide.

In March of 1984, the first advertisements for the development titled it as Deerhurst, but subsequent marketing changed the name to Deerchase.

When Deerchase was first launched, the five floor plans were all fairly large. Eventually, some smaller plans were added – perhaps to bolster sales of the expensive houses. A few of the original floor plans were nearly identical to those built in The Connoisseur Collection in the L-Section, started a year earlier. As with many areas in Bramalea built around this time, the studio off of the master bedroom was is a feature of two plans. The Leicester House is a design that was distinctly new in Bramalea at the time, especially with the sunken living room at the back of the house.

Some of the designs for The Masters Series in Deerchase were re-worked versions of those in the original area on 50-foot wide lots. None of the designs in this phase has a studio off of the master bedroom, yet larger plans were also built. The Windsor plan has a distinctive layout and was often used in Bramalea Limited advertising of the time.

As was done in the L and M sections, the builder Sena Brothers constructed a limited number of houses within the area on Newport Crescent and Nipissing Crescent (perhaps even Northcliffe Street, but I am not sure).

The advertising and plans for Deerchase will be presented first, followed by The Masters Series in Deerchase and finally the Sena Brothers plans.


Toronto Star, March 20, 1982


Toronto Star, March 27, 1982


Toronto Star, December 4, 1982


Toronto Star, February 12, 1983


Toronto Star, April 2, 1983


Toronto Star, May 14, 1983 83oct1

Toronto Star, October 1, 1983 84feb4

Toronto Star, February 4, 1984

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The Globe and Mail, October 6, 1984


Toronto Star, August 25, 1984


Toronto Star, September 29, 1984


Toronto Star, October 20, 1984


Toronto Star, November 3, 1984


Toronto Star, February 15, 198686feb22

Toronto Star, February 22, 1986


Toronto Star, September 12, 1987


Toronto Star, October 3, 1987


Toronto Star, September 3, 1988

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