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Community Spotlight: the G-Section

The G-Section is spatially broken up into 4 quadrants, each centred on a school and a greenspace. Central Park Drive bisects the area, with Grenoble Boulevard and Glenvale Boulevard completing the segmentation of the area. Furthermore, a ring road – with 4 different names – circles the area and has crescents and cul-de-sacs leading off of it.


By far the majority of the G-Section was built in the 1970s, with only a couple of in-fill pockets completed later.


1958 Master Plan

According to the original Master Plan, the G-Section would have been the M-Section, and the southern portion was zoned for prestige industries. Instead, the T-Section which was proposed to the east, became the location of industries and the south end of the area was built as residential.

Below are two versions of the 1969 Master Plan map. The darker version is missing portions, but the other copy is complete.

G cut

legend G

In general, the plan was followed, with schools, shopping and places of worship built in the locations as proposed. In total, there are 5 schools, 3 places of worship, 1 recreation centre (which was not proposed on this plan), 2 neighbourhood shopping plazas, and 1 gas station.

There are a few differences as follows:

– The zero lot line houses were built on land that was planned to be developed with townhouses. Most of the H-Section was also supposed to be townhouses, but the high density of the zero-lot line houses was deemed appropriate and more desirable.

– The townhouses at 900 and 1020 Central Park Drive were built on land slated for low-rise medium density housing (apartments).

– The Sunset on Greenmount area (Greendust Court and Granby Court) built in 1984 was on land originally set aside for a public school.

– The northeast corner of Central Park Drive and Grenoble Boulevard was planned as commercial and high-density housing. A shopping centre was built, but the high-density housing was not. Instead the Graham Court townhouses were tucked in behind.

–  I am not sure why Griselda Crescent was not completed as planned (it was supposed to link up to what is now Glen Echo Court). The Salvation Army Community Church fronting on Bramalea Road was built on land originally planned as residential.

Below is a map showing the various developments in the G-Section:

G neighbourhoods

I have a few lingering questions about the G-Section, that perhaps my readers can answer:

– I know that the zero lot-line houses in the H-Section were marketed as the Villages of Central Park. Were they also sold under that banner in the G-Section? (I know that the houses with garages on Gailwood, Garland, Gailgrove were marketed as Greenmount Gardens and originally rentals).

– My map shows most of the east side of the G-Section as Cumberland Manor. Was that whole area sold under that title?

– I believe that most of Portland Estates is in the J-Section, but was part of the area also in the northeast G-Section?

– Was Greendale Place and the adjacent part of Glenforest Road sold as another phase of Pickwick Village by Derrydown Developments, but with different facade options?

Sadly, I am missing a few key plans for the G-Section, which I would love to get copies of and post them on this blog. So, if you have them, please let me know! ( They are as follows:

– Plans built by Del-Zotto

– Bramble Tree Hamlet (built by Coventry): Gatwick Lane, Greenwich Circle, Gloucester Place

– Semi-detached houses built by Coventry

– Greenmount Gardens: Gailwood Court, Garland Court, Gailgrove Court

– Cumberland Manor

– Zero lot-line houses and adjacent townhouses

3 thoughts on “The G-Section

  1. Really like this blog! My parents moved into the g section when I was 6 way back in 1974 – great memories growing up there.

    I have some photos of the north west quadrant around Geraldine ct. under construction in the summer of 1974 I can scan them if you are interested

    Thanks for this project it’s important to preserve local history!

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