Columbus Bay

When: Built circa 1982-1985

Where: Philosopher’s Trail (parts), Pelican Wood, Peggy-Anne Cove, Petal Point, Pickerel Ridge, Parthenon Square, Piccadilly Place, Priscilla Court, Paradise Gardens, Pretty Place, Piccolo Wood, Porteous Circle (parts), Panda Lane.

Who: Built by Lakeview Homes/Lakeview Estates

What I know: This is one of many phases in the area that Lakeview Homes built. The street names in the area are quite unique, with many ending in terms other than street, road, or crescent.

In 1983 a series of advertisements were published which promoted the turrets and towers available on the houses. It appears as though few people chose that style as not many were built.

The number of plans offered is impressive, with almost 30 in this phase alone. I have most of the plans, but appear to be missing a few, including the Lake 22 and Lake 23. Many of their plans were also built at other sites, including Brampton Olde Towne in the west end of the city. I have a Flickr page with the plans for that area, which may have some which were also built in Columbus


Toronto Star, April 30, 1983


Toronto Star, May 14, 1983


Toronto Star, May 21, 1983


Toronto Star, May 28, 1983


Toronto Star, June 4, 1983


Toronto Star, June 18, 1983


Toronto Star, July 2, 1983


Toronto Star, July 23, 1983


Toronto Star, August 13, 1983 83aug27

Toronto Star, August 27, 1983


Toronto Star, September 24, 1983


Toronto Star, October 8, 1983


Toronto Star, December 3, 1983 83dec17

Toronto Star, December 17, 1983


Toronto Star, January 7, 198484jan28

Toronto Star, January 28, 1984


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