Blue Mount Estates

When: Built circa 1980-1982

Where: Lionshead Lookout, Lindridge Avenue, Lady Stewart Boulevard

Who: Built by Darcel Construction

What I know: Darcel built extensively in Brampton, especially along both sides of Williams Parkway, where for kilometers similar houses to these were built. This particular neighbourhood was Darcel’s only foray into Bramalea. According to a Darcel brochure from 1999, they had built more houses than any other builder in Brampton. In comparison, Bramalea Limited built more houses than any other in Bramalea. As far as I am aware, Bramalea Limited only built in Brampton proper twice, in Deerfield (just north of the M-Section) and Valleyview Creek (Heart Lake). I have not seen any recent activity by Darcel, leading me to wonder if the builder still exists? As we all know, Bramalea Limited eventually went bankrupt, so it would be interesting/tragic if Brampton’s biggest builder suffered a similar fate.

There is an asterisk next to the term “detached” on the advertisements which notes that the houses are detached above ground. The detached houses are actually link homes and attached underground at the foundation.

The two semi-detached plans are a common layout for many back-split houses in Bramalea and Brampton. These plans have 5 levels (4 above ground, plus the basement). As such, they are larger than the link-detached houses in the area.

As a builder, Darcel popularized and built an impressive number of back split detached/link home designs such as the Hawthorn and Cedar plans shown below. Many builders built very similar plans in the 1980s, including Bramalea Limited’s largest plan, the 707, in the Highland Park neighbourhood:


Toronto Star, November 8, 198081jan17

Toronto Star, January 17, 198181nov7

Toronto Star, November 7, 1981 82jan30

Toronto Star, January 30, 1982


I am missing the Oak floor plan for this neighbourhood.


001 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 031

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