Montage by the Park

When: Built circa 1990-1992

Where: Newdale Place, Nordique Place, Nectarine Crescent, Nepean Place, Nuffield Street (parts)

Who: Built by Bramalea Limited

What I know: This was one of Bramalea Limited’s last projects in Bramalea before they went bankrupt.

The advertising and articles for later phases of the neighbourhood promote a “Garden Series” of houses – none of which appear to have actually been built. There is a grouping of raised bungalows/back-splits on the south side of Nectarine Crescent and an adjacent row on Nuffield Street. The terrain that slopes up at the back leads me to believe that these were the 17 lots slated for the Garden Series. Other new designs were added in later phases, including the wide variety of corner house styles. As always, if you have any of the plans not shown below for this area, please let me know!

This particular corner of the N-Section, along with Montara and Montara Woods have houses with two-car garages on narrow lot widths. Although most appear to be two-car garages, some are only wide enough for one car, plus room for storage. A few smaller single garage designs were also built. A few of the 30-foot lot plans in this neighbourhood are variations of those built a few years earlier in Montara.

Since the lots widths are narrow, special measures were taken for fire safety when they were first built. You will notice lots marked with an “F” on the site plan, which is for fire-break lots. During the early framing stages of houses the exposed wood has the potential to be a fire hazard and there is the risk for a whole area to go up in flames should a fire start. As a safety precaution (it might be a bylaw, but I am unsure), vacant lots were left open to prevent the spread of a fire, and filled in once the surrounding houses were complete. The same was done at the adjacent Montara neighbourhood to the north.


Toronto Star, May 12, 1990290sept15

Toronto Star, September 15, 1990 390oct13

Toronto Star, October 13, 1990 491mar16

Toronto Star, March 16, 1991591apr13

Toronto Star, April 13, 1991 691jun8

Toronto Star, June 8, 1991 791jul20

Toronto Star, July 20, 1991 892jan18

Toronto Star, January 18, 1992992jan25

Toronto Star, January 25, 1992 1092feb1

Toronto Star, February 1, 1992

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It does not apper that the two designs depicted below were actually built. The Lilac is an updated version of the plans shown on a recent posting: A Trendsetter Before its Timed e f

This particular plan has a very unusual layout with a master bedroom on the main floor, plus a study – and then a very large family room on the second floor. It does not appear that this design was ever built.z2 z3 z4

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