Pickwick Village

When: Built circa 1972

Where: Grassmere Cresent and Glenforest Road (parts). Possibly Greendale Place and Glenforest Road (parts).

Who: Derrydown Developments

What I Know: The designs in this area appear to be based on best-selling layouts from the time. Similar plans were built in and around Peel Village in Brampton by other builders. It is interesting to note that every plan is a split level design (back-split, side-split and split level entry). In all cases, this allows for the basement level to be partially above ground, with larger windows to bring in light.

It appears that Greendale Place and the adjacent parts of Glenforest Road are another phase of this neighbourhood, with slightly different facade options.


Toronto Star, April 8, 197272apr21

The Globe and Mail, April 21, 1972


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The “temporary entry” on the site plan became the location of a hydro sub-station and the blank portion on the site plan was eventually filled in with houses. Also, the builder constructed houses on the east side of Glenforest Road as well, even though this site plan does not show them.006 a b c d e f g h i j

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