Massey Park

When: Built circa 1985-1986

Where: Mayberry Court, Myrtle Court, Mabel Court

Who: Bramalea Limited

What I Know: This in-fill community of 3 cul-de-sacs was built later than the townhouse complexes that surround it – and is one of the last developments in the M-Section. According to the 1969 Master plan, the area was earmarked for a public school.

Curiously, the area is called Massey Park, which is across MacKay Street from the neighbourhood, yet some of the houses in the area actually back on to Manitou Park.

Some of the plans are the same as the Highland Park in-fill area built a bit earlier in the H-Section, as well as at least one plan from Showcase 2000. Larger plans were added to this particular development, with the Cypress being the only design with a main-floor family room.

Only two of the plans have a 2-car garage, yet almost 40% of the 49 houses were built from these two plans – indicating the popularity of a larger garage. The Balsam plan is the largest single-car garage plan, and the only plan where the garage does not fully protrude in front of the house. Interestingly, it does not appear that any of this plan were actually built in the area. Perhaps buyers felt that a larger plan (and higher price) warranted a 2-car garage.

The features list at the end of the post is a good indication of standard house features of the time: wall-to-wall carpet and vinyl floors.

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