Bramalea, Canada’s First Satellite City

When Bramalea was first built, it created a buzz in the building and urban planning world. Conceived as Canada’s first satellite city, it was seen as a model community and a potential solution to unplanned suburban sprawl. Below are two articles from building-trade journals on early Bramalea.

Canadian Builder, August 1958:


It is interesting that they believed that Bramalea would take 10-20 years to complete. In reality it took almost 40 years to fill in all of the land set aside for Bramalea, and in-fill pockets are still being completed.



Canadian Builder June 1961:

003 003a 004 004a

I am always astounded by the pace at which Bramalea was built in the early years. According to the caption above, 1000 houses were slated to be built in 1961.005

It is interesting that one of the first industrial buildings in Bramalea (shown above) was razed, and replaced with a 19-storey rental apartment building when the zoning of the land was changed.005aDoes the water tower still exist? I do not remember ever seeing it in my lifetime…

3 thoughts on “Bramalea, Canada’s First Satellite City

  1. hi,no the tower was just behind (south) of our house in the M section (Mansfield) and in the early 80’s they dropped that sucker,was kinda sad to watch it get torn down tho

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