Bramalea Royale

When: Built circa 1980

Where: LaFrance Road (parts), Liberation Drive

Who: Ashton Woods

What I Know: This area surrounds Blue Mount Estates on two sides, but has much wider lot widths – at 50-feet wide.

Three of the plans have an unusual arrangement in the master bedroom, where the ensuite is accessed through the walk-in-closet. The 631 design actually has a very large walk-in-closet in the master bedroom, but only a 2-piece ensuite.

The builder, Ashton Woods, also built the Sadler Oaks area in the M-Section – on two streets which oddly-enough do not begin with the letter M: Borden Hill Court and Wolverton Crescent. I do not have the plans for that area, so if you have them, please let me know!

I have always wondered about the unique house with dormer windows at the corner of Howden Boulevard and LaFrance Road at the entry to this area. It stands out as very different from any of the other houses. Does anyone know anything about this particular house?

For some reason, I am missing the plans for the 636 which is the largest model.


Toronto Star, February 2, 198080feb16

Toronto Star, February 16, 1980


Toronto Star, August 2, 1980 a b c d e f g h i j k

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