When: Built circa 1983-1985

Where: Nadia Place, Nutall Street (parts), Nimrod Crescent, Nickel Crescent (parts), Nuffield Street (parts)

Who: Bramalea Limited

What I Know: As was common for Bramalea Limited, they built the same designs in Bramalea as they did in their sister site in Pickering, thus Sunset in Bramalea and Sunrise in Pickering. If you ever drive around the Amberlea area of Pickering you will see many of the same houses as those in Bramalea, even dating back to the 1970s.

The streetscape in this area has a real sense of variety due to the different types of designs which includes raised bungalows, one-car garage designs (both with a recessed garage and a protruding garage), two-car garage designs and corner designs.

As and interesting adaptation, four of the houses built from the Sunlight plan on Nimrod Crescent have added a front porch across the façade. The porches are all slightly different leading me to suspect that they were added after the houses were built. This unique addition to that plan is only found on that one street in the area.

A few of these plans have been examined in-depth in my “Anatomy of a Plan” postings such as the Morning Sun and Sunlight and the Horizon.

Some of the designs built on Nickel Crescent and Nutall Street are from Trail Ridge, located northwest of this area, and built later.


Toronto Star, May 21, 1983r83jun18

Toronto Star, June 18, 1983 s83aug27

Toronto Star, August 27, 1983 t83oct15

Toronto Star, October 15, 1983 u84jan14

Toronto Star, January 14, 1984v84sept29

Toronto Star, September 29, 1984

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  2. Hi there!
    I’m thoroughly enjoying all of the content you have up on the blog. Would you be willing to allow the use of some of your photos (With credit) to for an upcoming post about the cost of housing then and now in Brampton?

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