Nortonville Estates West – Fram

When: Built circa 1988-1990

Where: Laurelcrest Street (parts), Livery Way, Lillington Street (parts), Lone Oak Avenue, London Lane, Lansdowne Drive, Larchwood Place, Large Court, Lehar Court (parts), Lakeridge Drive (parts).

Who: Fram Building Group

What I Know: The earlier phase of this area The Nortonville Estate had some original and innovative designs in both the interior plan and facade. For this phase, the designs are more traditionally-inspired. That said, the houses in this phase were built to R-2000 energy-saving standards. The house at the southwest corner of Laurelcrest Street and Vodden Street was built as a prototype house for energy efficiency and is described in the last newspaper article below.

The 2194 and 2696 plans are notable as they do not have windows in the dining room. Due to the fairly narrow lot widths (37-feet) and the limited space between houses, fire bylaws prevent windows on one side of the house (the side facing the windows of the adjacent house).

A handful of larger houses on wider lots were built by Fram at the end of Lillington Street – the plans are below at the end of the post. I am missing the plans for the 40-foot houses on Lakeridge Drive.

Broles Building Corporation also built in the same area, east of Parr Lake North.

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Toronto Star, October 3, 1987 0287oct24

Toronto Star, October 3, 1987
0387nov14Toronto Star, November 14, 1987


Toronto Star, January 16, 19880588apr23

Toronto Star, April 23, 1988 0688aug13

Toronto Star, August 13, 1988 0788oct15

Toronto Star, October 15, 1988 0889apr8

Toronto Star, April 8, 19890990jan13

Toronto Star, January 13, 199001090mar3

Toronto Star, March 3, 1990


Toronto Star, February 8, 1992

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