Trail Ridge

When: Built circa 1985-1987

Where: Nobel Place, Napanee Place, Newgreen Crescent, Nuffield Street (parts)

Who: Bramalea Limited

What I Know: This area is a mixture of some plans from earlier communities and many new designs – particularly for the 42-foot wide lots.

Some of the 38-foot lot plans were built on Nickel Crescent and Nuttall Street in the Sunset neighbourhood.

The advertising promotes the area as having big 42-foot wide lots, but this statement has to be contextualized. In the 1960s, many detached houses in Bramalea were built on 50 and 60-foot wide lots, so 42-feet would be narrow in comparison. Yet in the context of the northwest portion of the N-Section, where most lots are 30 and 36-feet wide, these are some of the widest lots in the area. The areas along Nuffield Street are almost twice as dense as the streets in the early parts of Bramalea – where two 30-foot lot houses take up the same space as one house on a 60-foot lot. Aside from the zero lot-line houses in the Villages of Central Park no other large area of Bramalea has the same density of detached houses.

A number of the designs have a separate dining room, as opposed to back-to-back living and dining room combination. There is a certain formality to having two rooms, reminiscent of a traditional centre-hall house. It is interesting how having a formal dining room is a very cultural aspect of housing and reflects local norms and traditions. In Ontario, it is common to have a formal dining room and an informal breakfast room in houses where the space allows for both rooms. When I moved to Quebec, I discovered that having two dining rooms was less common, and my current house only has one.

Ensuite bathrooms are also less common in Quebec, whereas in Ontario, by the 1980s it was seen as a necessity for houses large enough to accommodate the room. All of the plans in Trail Ridge have an ensuite bathroom (with the exception of the Orion raised bungalow design – which may not have actually been built). Most of the ensuites in this area are quite small in comparison to the expansive ensuites in newer houses with sizable bathtubs, large showers and long counters with two sinks. That said, bedrooms are generally larger in these older plans compare to newer houses of a similar size, where the bedroom space is sacrificed to make room for a larger ensuite.

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Toronto Star, February 15, 1986z7 86may24

Toronto Star, May 24, 1986

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Toronto Star, June 7, 1986




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