Bramalea, circa 1972

Come join me on a trip in a time machine back to the year 1972 in Bramalea! Below is a document from that year with details on both the industrial and residential aspects of Bramalea – including 2 walking tours through the A to G sections and Bramalea Woods, plus price lists for developments active at the time. Some things are still the same, but so much has changed.

A special thank you to a blog reader for completing the missing pieces to this document for me. I had it on file but some pages were missing, so I was delighted when a reader sent me her version with all pages intact!

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One thought on “Bramalea, circa 1972

  1. Look at the cost of some of the business projects developed in “Bramalea” back in the day. Wild at how big our city has become. Too bad that when Fennell was sitting in my office in 2000, deciding on whether or not to run for Mayor, that’s she didn’t stick by her word about ensuring the road infrastructure would be her A1 priority before allowing the housing developments to explode like they have. I suspect she rarely drives, or rather, is driven north of Queen Street!

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