North Park

When: Built circa 1985-1986

Where: Newgate Place, Norwood Place, Newell Place

Who: Bramalea Limited

What I Know: The Mulberry split-level design is ideally suited to the terrain at the entry to Newgate Place where the land rises at the back – at this design was only built in that location within the community. Other designs were built on that section of the street, but with lower garages. The Mulberry is unusual as in that it is the second largest plan in the area, yet the layout does not have an ensuite in the master bedroom.

The kitchens in this area are not large in comparison to the sizes of the houses. Only one of the designs has a separate breakfast room, whereas the other designs have eat-in-kitchens with room for a table in the main area.

The two smallest designs have single-car garages, yet few of these designs were actually built. As such, the area is characterized by streets with large protruding garages.

There are three pie-shaped lots which have much wider house designs. Bramalea Limited did this in a few of their neighbourhoods at the time. The houses are usually an adaptation of their corner house designs.

Curiously, the area is called North Park, yet the area is not located off of North Park Drive, and is instead accessed by Nuffield Street.

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