Emerald Cove

When: Built circa 1988-1990

Where: Pleasant Valley Place, Pineway Place, Pennington Place

Who: Bramalea Limited

What I Know: These were the last detached houses built directly backing on to Professor’s Lake.

The houses have features that epitomized luxury at the time, including large ensuite bathrooms, all with a large soaking tub and many with two sinks – plus every master bedroom has a walk-in-closet. Every house has a main floor laundry room and most have a grand staircase in a larger foyer. Two-storey rooms are interesting aspects of some of the plans.

It is interesting to track the price increases of the houses in a short time. For instance, the Bridgeport plan was $293,900 in April 1988 and by January 1990 it was $376,900!

The first house on Pennington Place is completely different from all of the plans. I suspect it may have been the original sales centre…but I am unsure.


Toronto Star, April 1, 1989


Toronto Star, July 29, 1989 389dec9

Toronto Star, December 9, 1989 490mar3

Toronto Star, March 3, 1990






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