Tribute on the Park

When: Built circa 1984

Where: Leatherhead Court (parts), LaFrance Road (parts)

Who: Tribute Homes

What I Know: Some of the designs had the option of building them on a 40 or 45-foot wide lot, with a $5,000 difference for the wider lot width.

Buyers could get a fully furnished house from the Brick if they chose that option.

All of the designs, except for the bungalow, have a walk-in-closet, or a “walk-through” closet, and all of the houses have a master bedroom ensuite. All but the two smallest plans have a main floor laundry room. These are all features which were common to larger detached houses in the area at the time.

It does not appear that the bungalow design was ever built. The houses built on the lots titled parts 13, 14 and 15 are designs which I do not have the plans for and appear to be quite large.


Toronto Star, September 29, 1984

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