When: Built circa 1988-1992

Where: 10 and 12 Laurelcrest Street

Who: Bramalea Limited

What I Know: These two “towers in a park” have a gatehouse restricting access to the complex. This layout with a gate and landscaped grounds was common with the condos that Bramalea Limited built in Bramalea and elsewhere (aside from downtown locations where land is at a premium).

The two 12-storey towers are not as tall as the others Bramalea Limited built in Bramalea at the time. The location further away from the Bramalea City Centre may have dictated the shorter height of the buildings.

The two towers are mirror images of each other with the same design, centred on an outdoor pool. Tennis courts are located at the far end of the site.

In comparison to the brick facades of Bramalea buildings from the 1970s, this later generation of buildings have full walls of glass, filling the interiors with light.

Inside, many of the units are quite large for condominiums, but not as luxuriously appointed as Bellair on the ParkIn that building all of the two and three-bedroom units have ensuite bathrooms, whereas at Laurelcrest none of the plans have an exclusive ensuite bathroom – but some have a cheater door – plus a powder room.

It is apparent from the advertising that Bramalea Limited was successful at first in sales of the units, but later had some difficulty. By the 1990s prices were slashed for the units, making some less expensive compared to when they were first sold. This can be linked to a variety of economic and real-estate market difficulties at the time.


Toronto Star, October 29, 1988


Toronto Star, February 25, 1989


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