Williamsquare Apartments – Towering above the E-Section

When: Built circa 1971-1972

Where:  15 and 37 Eastbourne Drive

Who: Bramalea Consolidated Developments Limited

What I Know: The tall buildings in Bramalea are concentrated around the City Centre or along the Queen Street corridor – but these two 9-storey towers are the one exception, located on the southeastern portion of the E-Section where it meets the D-Section. (As a sidebar, the new rental building on Bramalea Road, South of Avondale Boulevard is also located outside of the central part of Bramalea, but is a much more recent addition to the skyline).

Located in a low-rise residential area, the towers are buffered  from the houses by open space including parkland and a schoolground. Eastborune Drive is a fairly busy road with no houses fronting on in and with access to the Southgate Shopping Centre, Earnscliffe Recreation Centre, a church and a public school – so having the density of taller buildings does suit the location.

According to the 1969 master plan, the area was earmarked for medium density multiple housing as well as the land where the townhouses on Endrby Crescent, Ellerslie Road, Ellis Drive and Enmount Drive were built. In comparison, the 14-floor Clark House in the B-Section was considered high-density (and is 5 floors taller compared to Williamsquare Apartments).

The buildings were first called Eastbourne Park when first marketed, but the name was changed shortly after. Today the buildings are called Williams Square – with two words. When first offered for rent, the bachelor units were rented for $140/month, but now they start at $795 and the rents start at $1,215 for a 3 bedroom unit.


 Courtesy of Bing Maps


Toronto Daily Star, August 14, 197172jan21

Toronto Daily Star, January 21, 1972

Please feel free to share any Williamsquare Apartments stories/memories in the comments section below!

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