Bay Meadows

When: Built circa 1976

Where: Mandarin Crescent, Manderley Place, Marlborough Street (parts), Mancroft Crescent (parts), Massey Street (parts), Marblehead Crescent, Minton Place

Who: Bramalea Consolidated Developments Limited

What I Know: The designs for this area are based on versions of those built in other Bramalea neighbourhoods in the G and J sections around the same time and even earlier. Unfortunately, my set of plans is incomplete as I am missing some of the plans for the area – so if you have one of the missing plans, please let me know!

Interestingly, none of the plans have an ensuite bathroom, even though other areas at the time in Bramalea had houses built with them. The lower price-point for these houses probably meant that they were built without them to bring down the cost. The side-split designs have a ‘cheater door’ off of the main bathroom opening to the master bedroom.

All of the designs have a formal dining room and a breakfast room open to the kitchen. In the case of the Thorpe plan, both dining spaces are quite small, and the kitchen workspace is sacrificed for the small breakfast area. I suspect recent renovations of this design have the breakfast room taken over as a part of the kitchen work area.

Curiously, the detached house floor plans are presented with the front door facing up on the page. It is common practice to show a floor plan with the front door facing down (or some times to the side), so these plans actually appear upside-down to me.


Toronto Star, September 6, 1976


The map above just shows one section of the Bay Meadows  area – there were multiple phases.


Here are two versions of the same plan – one is cut off at the bottom, but the other one is very dark, so I have included both.010 light g

004 005

015 light 013

I believe this plan document is actually from an earlier community, but it appears that the same design was built in Bay Meadows, so this version of the plan ended up in my file for this area.

5 thoughts on “Bay Meadows

  1. I Used to live at the corner of Mandarin and Manderly. 38 Mandarin Crescent. The House model was the Charney. We were the second owners. Both front and side entrances.were on Manderly. Big hill, we had a deck on the side. Across from entry to park

  2. Moved in 1979. Schools served by Massey Public, Williams Parkway Senior Public and North Park Secondary school. North Park SS opened 1978/1979. Prior to this date the high school servicing the area was Chinguacousey SS

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