Clarinda/LCD Homes in the N-Section

When: Built circa 1981-1982

Where: Newbridge Crescent

Who: Clarinda/LCD Homes

What I Know: The builder appears to use two different names in the course of constructing in the area, but it seems as though the house designs are the same. I only have 3 plans for this community, but there were others. All 3 plans shown here have an L-shaped living and dining room at the back of the house. This is a very common arrangement of rooms for narrower detached houses, townhouses and semi-detached houses (including the one I grew up in on Longbourne Crescent in Bramalea).

It is very interesting that the Nelson design was only built once. Designs with a family room over the garage are not common in Bramalea, yet were popular in Brampton proper. I wonder what made Bramalea buyers pan that type of plan, while Brampton buyers picked it?

It is interesting to see the shift in marketing over time, as the first advertisements had higher prices and promoted the fact that the designs went up to 1974 square feet. Later marketing had lower prices and stated that the houses started at 1200 square feet. This seems to indicate that the builder was struggling to sell the larger houses, which may also have been tied to the high interest rates at the time (13.5%).


Toronto Star, July 17, 1982


Toronto Star, May 2, 1981h81dec26

Toronto Star, December 26, 1981j82mar13

Toronto Star, March 13, 1982 k82may29

Toronto Star, May 29, 1982 l82jun26

Toronto Star, June 26, 1982 n82sept25

Toronto Star, September 25, 1982 o82oct2

Toronto Star, October 2, 1982 p82oct30

Toronto Star, October 30, 1982

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