The F-Section


Community Spotlight: the F-Section

The F-Section is bounded by Bramalea Road, Queen Street East, Torbram Road and Clark Boulevard. Earnscliffe Park cuts through the section and visually separates the condominium townhouse complexes in the western part from the rest of the area as only Clark Boulevard and Queen Street link the two sections together. The Northwestern part of the area has a commercial strip and a medical centre along Queen Street.

Although the section is small compared to others, it does have 3 schools and 2 churches.

Many of the houses in the area were built under the Ontario government’s Home Ownership Made Easy (H.O.M.E.) Plan, along with the D and E sections. The Concept 3 stacked townhouse complex with “streets in the sky” was the first time deck housing was built in Canada.


 Neighbourhoods in the F-Section

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Portion of the 1969 Master Plan for Bramalea

According to the 1969 Master Plan, the townhouses along Bramalea Road were planned to be low-rise apartments. Also on this plan, there were provisions for further apartments and commercial uses to the west of Concept 3/Folkstone Terrace, which was eventually built as Finchgate Estates.

The following are links to blog postings on some of the neighbourhoods in the F-Section:

Concept 3/Folkstone Terrace

Finchgate Estates

California Club Townhouses/Bramalea Park

Houses sold under the H.O.M.E. Plan

Kingsway Homes in Bramalea

Townhouses in Bramalea

I am missing the plans for The Gates of Bramalea and the houses built under the H.O.M.E. Plan. If you have them, please help make this blog better by letting me know so I can share them!

Please feel free to comment below and share stories or tidbits about the F-Section.

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