Skyscraper Suburb, Part Two: The Lisa Street Neighbourhood

Located to the west of the Bramalea City Centre is a cluster of high-rise towers mirroring the cluster in the K-Section on the east side. This particular area has some of the tallest buildings in Bramalea, but in general many of the towers are not as tall as those in the K-Section. Also, many of the towers in this area are rentals.

This section has more of a suburban atmosphere compared to the K-Section with four of the towers located on a cul-de-sac. The image below (from Bing Maps) shows how the land surrounding many of the buildings has been utilized as outdoor recreation space for the residents of the towers. Fences and gate-houses surround some of the towers with camera monitoring systems for more security.

Many of the units on the west side have spectacular views of Chassels Lake. On the other side of the lake is the 25-storey Norton Lake Residence a recent tall addition to the Bramalea skyline. Behind 190 Clark Boulevard it appears that a new 22-storey condo tower is in the works, called Indigo Bay, but I cannot find much information on the building.


The area has a mixture of older style buildings with a strong brick facade and newer buildings with more glass. Image below courtesy of Google Street View.


Early plans for Bramalea did suggest tall buildings near the City Centre, as seen in this image below from the 1958 Master Plan and below it an advertisement from a decade later.


  Portion of an advertisement from the Toronto Star, March 9, 1968. Tall towers are highlighted in the yellow boxes.

The 1969 Master Plan does specify high-density housing (shown as the darkest shading) within and around the City Centre area, as shown below:

map 1969

Portion of the 1969 Master Plan

 The tallest building in Bramalea is the Ritz Tower condominium. According to an early newspaper article, both of the towers in the complex were built as rentals, but the taller tower was converted to condominiums not long after it was erected. It appears that they both have the same plans. I do not have the plans for the condominium units other than the ones shown in some of the advertisements. Below are some advertisements and articles about the condominium building:


Toronto Star, January 18, 1986b86mar1

Toronto Star, March 1, 1986 c86mar8

Toronto Star, March 8, 1986 d86mar8a

Toronto Star, March 8, 1986 e86apr12

Toronto Star, April 12, 1986 f86apr19

Toronto Star, April 19, 1986 g86may10

Toronto Star, May 10, 1986 h86may10a

Toronto Star, May 10, 1986


Toronto Star, May 24, 1986 j86jun21

Toronto Star, June 21, 1986 k86aug23

Toronto Star, August 23, 1986 l86oct18

Toronto Star, October 18, 1986


 The buildings of the Lisa Street Neighbourhood:

Some of the information below has been gathered from the Emporis website on tall buildings.

– 8 Lisa Street: Ritz Towers, 28 floors

– 10 Lisa Street, Ritz Towers (Lakewood), 25 floors, built 1982

– 8 Silver Maple Court, 25 floors, built 1982

– 6 Silver Maple Court, 23 floors, built 1982

– 2 Silver Maple Court, 20 floors

– 9 Lisa Street, 16 floors

– 11 Lisa Street, 16 floors

– 5 Lisa Street: The Regency, 15 floors

– 4 Silver Maple Court, 15 floors

– 3 Lisa Street: The Oakland, 15 floors, built 1979

– 190 Clark Boulevard, 14 floors

– 4 Lisa Street,14 floors, built 1978

3 thoughts on “Skyscraper Suburb, Part Two: The Lisa Street Neighbourhood

  1. your dating for 4 Lisa is incorrect. the building was built in 1978 according to the info I got when I bought my condo unit. it was originally a rental unit called Almore Park Tower B (190 Clark was called Almore Park Tower A and is still a rental building) but was changed over to condos starting in the late 1980s (as far as I know). I bought my unit in 1995, and the building was still largely owned by the Kerbal Group and managed by Highmark Properties at that time. it contains both 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units. my 2 bedroom unit is about 1000 square feet. hope this helps you out.

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