Bramalea Limited Advertisements from the late 1980s

Below is a sampling of Bramalea Limited advertisements from the 1980s. There were many versions…but here are just a few to bring you back to a time when Bramalea Limited was still going strong as one of North Americas largest real estate companies. All of the advertisements are from 1987, except for the last one from 1989.



The house shown above is the Windsor plan built in the Master’s Series in Deerchase in the N-Section. I did a previous post on this type of L-Shaped plan built by Bramalea Limited.



Assuming the photo above was taken in Bramalea (and not one of Bramalea Limited’s other building sites), my guess is that it is the Trail Ridge area in the N-Section. The houses with the pointed backs appear to be the Kingsmere plan and the house to the far right is likely the Vega plan. But it is just a guess…



I am partial to this advertisement as I rarely see the name “Saul” in print!

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