The E-Section

Community Spotlight: the E-Section

The E-Section is one of the areas of Bramalea that I know the least about – even though it is one of the smallest letter sections.

At the core of the E-Section is Earnscliffe Park – the largest park in Bramalea south of Queen Street. On the eastern border of the section is Eastbourne Park, separating the residential area from a small commercial/light-industrial area along Torbram Road. In true early Bramalea form, all three of the schools in the area are located adjacent to parkland and pathways – so students can walk to school without having to walk along busy roads. A series of paths weave their way throughout the area and along a greenbelt parallel to Clark Boulevard.

Two churches, a Masonic Temple, a recreation centre and a shopping centre are all located in the neighbourhood. In many ways the E-Section is a perfect example of the original vision for Bramalea by providing places to live, work, shop, learn, worship and play. It also has a wide variety of housing types including rental apartments, townhouses, semi-detached and detached houses.

neighbourhoods jpg

Map of the E-section showing the neighbourhoods within the area.

e section map

Map from the 1969 Master Plan.

Many of the houses in the E-section were built under the Ontario government’s Home Ownership Made Easy (H.O.M.E.) Plan. Some of the semi-detached houses in the area appear to be those featured in this flyer:

41 of the houses on Epsom Downs Drive were actually moved from Etobicoke to make way for the widening of HWY 27:



Toronto Daily Star, August 12, 1968

At the corner of Bramalea Road and Clark Boulevard is a townhouse complex that today is called Eden Park Estates, but the area was marketed as Coventry Gardens when first built:


Toronto Star, June 6, 1970


Toronto Star, November 7, 1970

eden park

The houses in Eden Park Estate appear to be split level designs (image courtesy of Google Maps).

In the northeast corner of the area (Ellerslie Road, Ellis Drive, Enderby Crescent and Enmount Drive) is a townhouse complex that I actually do not know anything about – so please let me know if you can pass on some information.


The air photo shows how lush the townhouse complex is with all of the mature trees! (image courtesy of Google Maps).

A vacant strip of land along Torbram Road behind Enmount Drive is the location of a Habitat for Humanity in-fill housing project.

On the east side of the E-Section are two rental apartment towers, originally called Williamsquare Apartments.

As mentioned, the E-Section is one of the areas I know the least about and I actually do not have any floor plans for the houses. If you want to pass on any information, stories or plans for the E-Section, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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