The M-Section

The M-Section is distinct in Bramalea for a few reasons. It is one of the largest letter sections, made even larger by the portion that extends south of Williams Parkway in to the H-Section. It is also unique in that there are a handful of streets in the area that do not start with the letter M: Carisbrooke Court, Ashton Crescent, Guildford Crescent, Borden Hill Court and Wolverton Crescent. The M-Section also has a large concentration of townhouse complexes along MacKay Street and along Dixie Road – more so than other letter sections. Some of the narrowest detached houses are located in the M-Section, on lots 25-feet wide at the Great Canadian Home Sale.

Like the G-Section, the area has an inner ring-road system (Massey Street, Manorcrest Street and Maitland Street), yet the ring in incomplete in the northwest section, broken by the green space of Manitou Park. Close to the geographic centre of the area is MacKay Plaza shopping and the Ellen Mitchell Recreation Centre. There is also a medical/dental building along Bramalea Road behind Madrid Crescent. The schools are located adjacent to parkland and pathways as was common practice in the earlier sections of Bramalea, so that students can walk to school without crossing a major road.

M map

Much of the M-Section was not actually built according to the design shown in the 1969 Master Plan (two versions of the plan for the M-Section are below).


legend M

M-Section Neighbourhoods that I know the name of:M neighbourhoodsHere are links to previous posts on M-Section neighbourhoods:

Bay Meadows

Manor Crest

Massey Park

Super Singles Sale

The Villages in Bramalea

The Great Canadian Home Sale

Sunrise Estates

Showcase 2000

– Bramalea Estates (Bramalea Limited) and (Nu-West)

I am missing quite a few floor plans for the M-Section, so if you have any of the following, please let me know!!

– Poplar Developments: parts of Maidstone Crescent and Mansfield Street

– Eastcrest Homes: area surrounding Maitland Street

– Georgian Group in Bramalea Estates

– Houses on Madras Place (perhaps LCD Homes or Senna Brothers…not sure)

– Bay Meadows by Bramalea Consolidated Developments (I have some plans, but not all)

– Ashton Crescent

– Northcliffe Gardens by Kerbel/Darcel on Moregate Crescent

– Cedar Glen townhouses by Bramalea Limited on McMullen Crescent and Guildford Crescent

– The Village Three by Bramalea Limited on Morley Crescent

– Sadler Oaks by Ashton Woods homes on Borden Hill Crescent and Wolverton Crescent

– Townhouses on Middleton Way

– Townhouses on Carisbrooke Court

I have no information on the builders on the following streets:

 – Manitou Crescent, parts of MacKay Street North, Marchbank Crescent, Marbury Place, parts of Massey Street – possibly Eastcrest Homes?

– Mallard Crescent, Montrose Place (a special thanks to Robin for letting me know that these houses were built by Roma Homes!)

– Marlowe Place, parts of Madrid Crescent, parts of Manorcrest Street

Here are some articles and advertisements for the neighbourhoods that I am missing plans for:

77nov20 geo art

Toronto Star, November 20, 197777jul2 geo

Toronto Star, July 2, 197777jun18 geo

Toronto Star, June 18, 197777may14 geo

Toronto Star, May 14, 197777oct15 geo

Toronto Star, October 15, 197777sept17 geo

Toronto Star, September 17, 197777feb19 geo

Toronto Star, February 19, 1977

77apr2 sa

Toronto Star, April 2, 1977

77oct9 sa

Toronto Star, October 9, 197777jan28 nor

Toronto Star, January 28, 1977 79mar3 east art

Toronto Star, March 3, 1979

One thought on “The M-Section

  1. We moved into our new house at 67 Mallard Cres in 1976. The builder was Roma homes, it was a a back-split. My uncle lived across Massey at 103 Mandarian.

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