The Section without a letter

Located just west of the B-Section is a small pocket of houses in an area that does not fall under any of the letter sections. The streets in the area start with all sorts of letters: Floribunda, Terese, Sandringham, Carleton, Lincoln, Franklin, Lisa and Silver Maple. I have no idea why this area was never assigned a letter…If anyone knows why, please let me know!

master plan


According to the 1969 Master plan the area was to have high density housing along what became Lisa Street, medium density just south of Clark Boulevard (where townhouses were eventually built) and low density housing in the southern portion (where detached houses were built), plus a school. Aside from the school that was never built, the area was built similarly to the plan, although townhouses were also built in part of the area slated as low density housing.

The north section along Lisa Street is lined with residential towers as seen in my posting on Lisa Street. This area could almost be an extension of the L-Section to the north, yet Silver Maple Court does not fit in with this theory.

I do not have much information on the townhouses, except for this Toronto Star advertisement from January 28, 1978 for an area called “Orchard Place”. I recall my parents telling me that there were apple orchards in the area, so I assume the name came from what the area used to be.


Some of the townhouses along Carleton Place are staggered, creating an interesting streetscape (image courtesy of Google Maps):

The detached houses in the area were built as part of Showcase 2000. The yards behind some of these houses are quite large and there is a forested area at the heart of the neighbourhood (image courtesy of Google Maps):
floribundaI wish I knew more about this area, so if anyone has any information and/or stories please do share!

7 thoughts on “The Section without a letter

  1. I believe this was considered Brampton once you crossed Dixie. It was factories in that section. I believe Consumers Gas was there. I used to work at one of the first computer data office. We used huge reels to store data.

    • sorry, but Bramalea was always between Airport and Heart Lake Roads. i’ve lived in the area since 1957 – before Bramalea was even started.

  2. I believe these townhouses where built long after the the Brampton-Bramalea merger took place. By then, the neighbourhood by letter scheme used in Bramalea was dead as Springdale took over the lands North of Bovaird. Been here since ’72

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  4. the person suggesting the lack of a letter scheme had to do with the area being built up after the amalgamation is probably correct. those suggesting it was Brampton because it was West of Dixie Rd are mistaken, as Bramalea always extended to Heart Lake Rd. in the West.

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