100 Blog Posts!

I have reached the milestone of 100 blog posts since I started the blog in November 2013. I want to thank all of my readers for their help and comments over the past 2 years, and I plan on sharing more about Bramalea in the years to come.

As some of my older posts drop off of the “Recent Posts” menu on the right of the screen, here are the links to some of my older posts…and there are a lot!

The Estates of Bramalea Woods



Kings Row in Bramalea Estates

Southgate Village

Is the Snow Really Whiter in Bramalea?

Highland Park

Sweetheart Homes

Bramalea Estates – Nu-West

Bramalea Estates – Bramalea Limited

The Strand by the Lake and The Strand by the Park

A-Section: A City is Born

Concept 3/Folkstone Terrace

Professor’s Lake – Greenpark

Showcase 2000


Bramalea Townhouses

Place des Artistes

Sunrise Estates

Anatomy of a Plan – The raised bungalow in Bramalea

Sterling Ridge

The Birds of Bramalea

Finchgate Estates

Bellair on the Park

The Great Canadian Home Sale

The Connoisseur Collection

The 1958 Master Plan for Bramalea

H.O.M.E. – Home Ownership Made Easy in Bramalea

King’s Row Limited Edition

The Village(s) in Bramalea

The L-Section

Super Singles Sale

The G-Section

The Timeless Elegance of the Rose in Bramalea Woods

Columbus Bay

Bramalea: a Utopian Dream?

The Clark House: Gateway to Bramalea

An historic Bramalea landmark gone forever?

Anatomy of a Plan: A Trendsetter Before its Time

The latest in semi-deluxe kitchen design, circa 1960

Blue Mount Estates

The C-Section

Montage by the Park

Chatelaine Design Home ’64

Pickwick Village

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