Bramalea’s World, c. 1985

I came across this piece of Bramalea ephemera and I wanted to share. It is a great snapshot of how large Bramalea Limited was in 1985, with developments in Bramalea and beyond.

If any readers have plans/brochures of Bramalea Limited’s projects outside of Bramalea I would also like to share those on this blog – so please send them my way!


One thought on “Bramalea’s World, c. 1985

  1. My neighbour used to have the sales booklet given out at the Wilshire Sales Pavillon in Thornhill. Such an amazing book! Too bad she moved. No idea what ever happened to it! I do have one of the floor plan pamphlets as well as the site plan pamphlet. I wonder who has all the Bramalea archives? Images, floor plans, etc. It must have ended up somewhere when they went bust.

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