Blog posts on early Bramalea

A reader recently commented asking about blog posts on early Bramalea.

 Since I started the blog in November 2013, I have added 116 posts, and  with time some of my older posts drop off of the “Recent Posts” menu on the right of the screen – including those on the beginnings of Bramalea.

So, here are the links to some of my older posts on early Bramalea:

A-Section: A City is Born

The 1958 Master Plan for Bramalea

Bramalea Master Plan 1969

Bramalea, Canada’s First Satellite City



Southgate Village

Is the Snow Really Whiter in Bramalea?


Bramalea Townhouses

The Birds of Bramalea

H.O.M.E. – Home Ownership Made Easy in Bramalea

Bramalea: a Utopian Dream?

The latest in semi-deluxe kitchen design, circa 1960

The C-Section

Chatelaine Design Home ’64

Historical Newspaper Articles on Bramalea

An article about one of the founding fathers of Bramalea

Historic Bramalea Photos

Anatomy of a Plan – Journey’s End

Design Controls in Early Bramalea

Photoessay: Bramalea Housing in the 1960s

Bramalea Boom Town!



3 thoughts on “Blog posts on early Bramalea

  1. Hello. Love your site – very informative!
    Question: Do you have any information specifically to Bramalea Woods?
    If so, where might I find it? I’ve looked through your site but it is quite extensive.
    Also, do you have a copy of you thesis available to read? I’m intreiged to learn more about Canada’s first satellite city.
    Thank you so much,

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